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WWS Visual Identity Package






We are delighted to share with you our NEW WWS Visual Identity Guidelines. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that the district's logo accurately represents our facilities, students, staff, and families. We take pride in the logos we have created and invite you to review the guidelines, incorporate the new logos into your work, and contact us if you need any help.  

Four Step Process:  

  1. Visit the NEW Visual Identity Guide

  2. Explore the Visual Identity Guideline Booklet

  3. Select an asset and create a graphic.

  4. Submit your design(s) to 

Obtaining approval from the branding team is crucial before printing any signs, apparel, or merchandise with district asset designs. Once you submit your request, the branding team will respond within 24 hours. This new guideline process ensures that all designs align with the brand integrity according to the guidelines.


Please update your work to include the new logos presented. Please let us know if we can assist you. Please remember to email all designs to

Click here for a printable copy of this letter.


Your Communication & Engagement Team