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From Grief To Gratitude Student Video


We have something special to share with you. The last weeks and even months have been a time in history that will undoubtedly change our world.  There has been sadness, anger, boredom, fear, and loneliness.  BUT we are Rocks and while this pandemic has certainly impacted us, it will NOT define us. During this time we have learned.  We have grown.  We have been inspired.  We have been hopeful.  We have celebrated.  We have connected with and loved each other.  And we wanted to share a little of that with you. 

We would like to send A HUGE thanks to junior Jake Richardson who put this incredible video together for us.  Another big thanks to all the seniors and staff members who contributed even if your clip didn't make it into the final version.  

We hope the few minutes it takes to watch this will fill you with hope and inspiration to go make today and every day after today the best you can possibly make it no matter the challenges that face you. That's what Shamrocks do.