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Beloved WHS Innovation Specialist, Mr. Joel Bruns, signs off of the daily PA announcements the same way each and every day.  Ask a WHS student and they will likely recite his salutation verbatim… “Be kind, work hard, and make the world a better place.”  Those words seem to really resonate at WHS and in our community during the months of September and October. 

In accordance with national Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, WHS hosted our third Shamrock Save a Life Walk on September 10 at Riverview Health Stadium.

There are some startling statistics surrounding suicide:

  • Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for ages 15–34
  • About every 12 minutes, someone in this country intentionally ends his/her life
  • 19% of Indiana HS students report they seriously considered suicide
  • 11% of Indiana HS students report they actually attempted suicide – this is 2nd highest of the 43 states surveyed

SOURCES: CDC 2011 Youth Risk Behavior Survey & Community Health Network


At WHS, we believe that suicide prevention may be a matter of a caring person with the right knowledge being available in the right place at the right time. That is why we collaborated with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and brought various students, staff, and community members together to share important information about suicide and suicide prevention. We also were able to use this opportunity to bring our school community closer together and show students they are not alone.


Westfield Washington Schools also hosted the Health & Wellness Symposium one week later, where different experts shared critical information related to mental health, substance awareness, and healthy relationships/social media.


Building off of our efforts in the month of September, we have declared October as our “Month of Kindness” at WHS.  October is also Bully Prevention month.  In addition to various anti-bullying messages and videos shared with the entire student body, various clubs have been leading kindness campaigns, with more to come as the month goes on.  Accordingly, mentors shared a message on kindness with the Freshman class in CORE advisory on October 7 and we are encouraging all students to practice THE WESTFIELD WAY.  Built on a foundation of love, each day as a Shamrock, we make a pledge to be kinder, more positive, more grateful, and more present.  We want all students to treat others with respect and dignity, as well as embrace and celebrate diversity.  Kindness is contagious.  Let’s all do our part and pass it on.                      


                    Shamrock Save a life sign 2019  

          Shamrock Save a Life Walk 2019                                       Shamrock Save a Life Walk 2019