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WHS CORE Advisory

Connections   Opportunities   Remediation   Enrichment

WHS CORE Advisory 


WHS is excited to roll out a new student program called CORE Advisory for the 2019-20 school year!   The purpose of CORE is to provide needed supports (Connections, Opportunities, Remediation, Enrichment) to ensure ALL students are developing the skills to be Life Ready.  CORE Advisory will be a dedicated time that allows students to pursue and teachers to direct high-quality learning opportunities for ALL. 



  • 35 minute flex period called CORE Time.   
  • CORE Time meets Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday between 4th and 5th period.
  • WHS will utilize the Enriching Students (ES) software to track students and events.
  • WHS faculty will create learning opportunities for students by using ES.
  • WHS faculty will assign students who need remediation, enrichment, and/or additional supports.
  • Students will select specific learning opportunities to meet their needs.
  • Every student will be assigned to a CORE Advisory with a teacher serving as the CORE Advisor. 
  • The classroom that each student’s CORE Advisory meets will be their home base for CORE Time. Students will meet in their CORE Advisory for the first week of CORE Time.  
  • If CORE Advisory is not meeting, students have the opportunity to choose or be assigned (using ES software) to different learning opportunities during CORE Time. Thursday, August 15 will be the first CORE Time for teacher and student selection.
  • Faculty and students will adhere to the Collective Commitments of CORE Time.  

Collective Commitments of CORE Time:

  1. We will be productive and engaged in our learning environment.
  2. We will remain on-task and focused on our learning opportunities.
  3. We will respect the learning of others. 
  4. We will use cell phones/computers/devices only to meet our instructional needs. (Not to be used for social media, games, videos, etc.)

NO EXCUSES. NO OPT-OUT. We all have work to do!  #GetYourStuffDone #GYSD


Teachers and students will soon receive a welcome email from Enriching Students with login and password information.  There will also be videos provided by ES on how to navigate and use Enriching Students software. Enriching Students will also have app students will want to download.  The app will provide easier access to ES and allow for push notifications.   


Clubs and Freshman Mentoring:

Designated club day is Friday during CORE time.   Academic competition teams, journalism groups, and student government will be allowed to meet on Mondays when mentoring and career groups are not.  Mentoring will typically meet two Mondays per month.


Sophomore Career Awareness & Exploration:

New this year, we will have Career Awareness and Exploration that will be the focus for sophomores during CORE Time to help students make connections between school and careers for the future.  Students will explore various careers, understand the different pathways to those careers, and develop the necessary skills, knowledge, and dispositions to be successful. A variety of activities will be available to help the students determine their aptitudes and skills, allowing them to match areas of interest and ability with careers.  Students will also develop individualized plans connecting high school course work to required post-high school education and training. The goal will be to develop the necessary career skills in every student that will lead to a fulfilling, financially secure, and successful career.  Career Awareness & Exploration will typically meet two Mondays per month.