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Finals Information - 2nd Trimester

Dear Westfield Families,

We will operate under the same new structure for our second trimester finals as we did with our first trimester.  Students will have one final on Tuesday, February 12 and then have two exams on Wednesday, February 13 and two on Thursday, February 14.  The slight change we made from last trimester to this trimester is that students will take their fourth period final on Tuesday instead of their third period exam.  See the schedule included below for clarification.

If families would like to send a ‘good luck treat’ to their students, they can go to this website: and purchase this inexpensive finals bundle from our Rocks Shop.  Proceeds will go to support student activities at WHS. You can purchase these bundles through Thursday, February 7.

Don’t forget that February 15 is a teacher work day with no school for students.  However, we WILL BE in session on Monday, February 18, and that will become the first day of the third trimester.

With our final exam schedule, students may leave campus after morning finals are complete. To do this, they will need to find their own transportation.  Parent pick-up will take place beginning at 12:15 on Wednesday and 11:45 on Thursday at both Door 6 and Door 13 as needed. We are encouraging parents to be in communication at this time with their students via text to let them know where their car is located in the pickup lines.

If you would prefer to have your student stay the full day to prepare for exams at school, you will need to fill out the Google Form to let us know they will be staying for lunch and will be in attendance for the supervised study sessions.  Buses are leaving school at their normal afternoon times on these exam days. Please talk over the options with your son or daughter and make plans accordingly.


WHS 2018-2019 Exam Schedule


Tuesday, February 12 (Full School Day for all students)

Period 1  7:58-8:55

Period 2  9:01-9:58

Period 4  Fourth period EXAM  10:04-11:54 (30 Review + 5 Break + 70 Exam + 5 Collect materials)

Period 3  12:00-1:46

A Lunch 11:55-12:22

B Lunch 12:23-12:50

C Lunch 12:51-1:18

D Lunch 1:19-1:46

Period 5  1:52-2:49

Plus Time  2:55-3:20

Testing Center 2:55 - 4:30


Wednesday, February 13 (Late start)

Period 1  8:28-10:18       First period Exam (30 Review + 5 Break + 70 Exam + 5 Collect materials)

Period 2  10:24-12:14     Fifth period Exam (30 Review + 5 Break + 70 Exam + 5 Collect materials)

Lunch   12:15-12:43

Study/Office Hours/Testing Center 12:49-2:49

No Rocks Connection on 2/13 and Shuttle Buses will NOT run on this day


Thursday, February 14

Period 1  7:58-9:48     Second period Exam (30 Review + 5 Break + 70 Exam + 5 Collect materials)

Period 2  9:54-11:44     Third period Exam (30 Review + 5 Break + 70 Exam + 5 Collect materials)

Lunch  11:45-12:13

Office Hours/Testing Center  12:19-2:49

No Plus time on 2/14 and Shuttle Buses will NOT run on this day


Final Exam Week Information and FAQ:

All students are expected to be in attendance for the full day on Tuesday, February 12.

On Wednesday, February 13 and Thursday, February 14, following exams, students have the option to be on campus in a supervised area, or they can prepare for exams off campus.

If students plan to stay for the full day, parents should complete this form. Please note that by signing your student up using this document, you understand that your student must be in attendance for the entire school day.  Please complete this form by 3 p.m. on Monday, February 11 so we can prepare the correct number of lunches and provide adequate supervision.

Buses will provide transportation to and from school on the normal schedule.  Students who are leaving campus at the end of the exams will need to have their own transportation.  Students may NOT leave and then return.

Students who wish to prepare for finals off campus will be responsible for their own lunch and transportation home from school.

To protect the testing environment, please avoid calling students out during scheduled exam times.

Teachers will be available to students via Canvas, email, and in person to answer questions during office hours.


What are study/office hours?

Study sessions occur on final exam half days - 12:49-2:49 on Wednesday and 12:19-2:49 on Thursday for the second trimester. Students who are staying for the full school day are assigned to supervised study areas or will receive a pass to see a teacher. Teachers will be available to assist students via email, Canvas, or in person. If students wish to visit a teacher in person they will go to that class with a pass. Freshmen and seniors are assigned to the auditorium and sophomores and juniors to the LGI. They will report there and receive passes to teacher classrooms from there.


What will students do during a study/office sessions?

Students must use the study session to prepare for their upcoming final exams.  No games (card, board, or video) will be allowed. Students will work quietly in assigned seating.  Students are allowed to use headphones for listening to music.


Can any student eat lunch at school?

Yes, any student may stay and eat lunch at school.  However, to be able to provide appropriately for food and for supervision, parents must OPT-IN for this option by filling out this form.  Parents must fill out a form for each one of their students.


What if a student doesn’t have a final for one of the exam periods? (i.e. Senior Seminar, Peer Mentoring, Co-op, etc.)

If a student does not have an exam in one of their classes, then they do NOT need to attend during that final exam period. Parents do not need to call into the attendance line.  Students do not need to sign out.


Can students leave the final exam period once they have completed their test?

No.  Students will not be allowed to leave school during a final exam period unless it is an emergency and permission has been given by the administration.


Can a student take final exams early due to necessary family travel or an appointment?

No.  Any student who has a family or medically related conflict during final exams will make-up their finals once they return from the travel or appointment. No final exams are given early.


What if my student is sick during final exams?

In order for a student to be excused from their final exam due to illness, they must provide medical documentation to the Attendance Office. If the student doesn’t have a doctor’s note excusing them from school, they are expected to come in to be seen by the school nurse.  If the school nurse finds the student to be too ill to attend, the absence will be considered medically excused. If the school nurse finds the student well enough to attend, the student will be expected to stay and take the final. If the medical documentation is provided and the student is feeling better before the end of the week, they are allowed to make-up their exam/s in the Testing Center.  If unable to test during the week of finals, the student will take the exam/s when they are well enough to return. This may require entering a zero for the student’s final exam until it is complete. Students who are not medically excused and/or have not been approved through administration to take finals at a later date will receive a zero for their final exam.


We are looking forward to a positive end of second trimester and a great new beginning as we start Trimester 3.  Hard to believe we are already over half way through the school year!



The WHS Leadership Team

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