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WHS Construction Letter from Dr. McGuire



WHS Parents and Students:

We have had a great start to the school year.  I can’t believe Fall Break and the end of the trimester are upon us.  After years of planning and designing, our construction is scheduled to begin during Fall Break.   During this project, we will be reworking the entire campus site, adding a 91,541 sq. ft. addition with new classrooms, labs, flexible learning spaces, cafeteria, performing arts spaces, and work spaces.  We will also be renovating the majority of our existing building, including the Learning Center, art rooms, science labs, administrative offices, cafeteria, and kitchen.  We are so excited to begin this project, but we are also well aware with massive construction projects come many changes and challenges. This project will require all of us to be patient and flexible.  

When we return from Fall Break, there will be several changes that you will notice and will impact our campus routines.  To begin the staging and construction of the new wing, we will lose access to the auditorium parking lot as well as access to doors 1 and 34.  The entire parking area closest to door one will be fenced off and closed.   Site work for utilities will require that Rock Alley (the road that runs between the building and the Riverview Health Stadium) be closed through the summer of 2019.  This will have a significant impact on all traffic on and around our campus.  To best accommodate these changes, we will be implementing the following protocols beginning Monday, October 22nd:

•    Parent Drop-Off and Pick Up will ONLY be at door 13.  Parents should enter at the designated entrance off of Union Street.  Turning left to line up along the MPIF, students should exit the cars along the entire side of the building to keep traffic moving and walk to door 13.  If all cars wait until they are at the door, drop off will become gridlocked.  
•    Students who usually enter the WHS parking lot from the Hoover Street entrance (across from the WMS entrance) are encouraged to take an alternate route north to 191st street in order to get to Union Street and enter the WHS parking lot from the north Union Street entrance (by Maple Park Village)
•    ALL Students with an overflow parking permit (blue football permit) will be required to park on the west side (closest to 31) of the faculty lot at Westfield Middle School.  
•    Students parking at WMS should walk to Asa Bales Park and use the designated crosswalk to cross Hoover Street.  This crosswalk will be monitored by a police officer. Under NO circumstance should students cross Hoover Street outside of the crosswalk.  In addition, as students cross Shamrock Drive from the WMS parking lot to the library, they need to do so in the crosswalk under the supervision of the crossing guard.  Students must be extra vigilant when crossing the streets.
•    Parents are NOT permitted to drop students off in the front of the building, as that is for bus traffic only.  
•    Parents are NOT permitted to drop students off in the parking lots in front of the building.  For the safety of the students and staff walking through the lots, drop off traffic is prohibited in any parking lot.  Only cars displaying a parking permit will be allowed to enter the lots in front of the building.  
•    Students should NEVER be dropped off in the middle of Hoover Street or Union Street.  
•    All students and employees must display appropriate parking passes to enter campus.  

We can certainly appreciate these protocols are not the most convenient.  Many people have been working on the best solutions since summer break, and we feel these protocols are necessary to keep our students and staff safe, as well as provide the most efficient travel conditions on and around campus.  We will continually evaluate these protocols and communicate any changes as needed.  

We know these changes will take a different amount of time for you to navigate on your way to campus.  We encourage you to adjust your travel times to accommodate these changes and the impact they will have.  

We want to say thank you in advance for your patience and understanding during this time of construction. It is going to be wonderful when it is all done, but in the meantime, let’s work together and make the best of a few inconveniences.

Hope you have a wonderful Fall Break!  

Stacy McGuire, Principal


Construction Update as of January 2019


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