Health Clinics

  • Welcome to the district's health clinic information.  Our health clinics are staffed by licensed RNs provided by Riverview Health Network. Our goal is to provide compassionate, student-centered care to every child in the Westfield Washington School District.   We continually promote progressive, nurturing enviornments that support our communty through vision screening, hearing screening, vaccine compliance reviews, student medical information reviews and working in collaboration with parents/guardians and health care providers to create individual health care plans and emergency action plans aimed at helping your child stay safe and healthy.  A healthy child can focus on educational experiences that prepare your child for a successful social, emotional and academic future.
    Please remember to confirm and update your student's MEDICAL INFORMATION found on the parent portal of Powerschool before the first day of school.  This allows the school nurse to review your child's medical needs and plan interventions, treatment options and individual health care plans according to your childs specific needs. For directions, see the Student Medical Information page. 
    Please note: ALL medication permission for students have expired and must be renewed for the 2020-21 school year.  For directions see the Medication Administration at School page.