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REGISTRATION FOR THE 2022-2023 SCHOOL YEAR IS NOW OPEN - click on the following links.  




If you are registering for a Student Support Program (All Aboard or Before/After School Care) click here.

You will need the following documentation for registration:
Original birth certificate (from a country/county of birth health department)
Driver’s License
Current immunization records
Proof of residency (current occupancy with name and address)
  • renting – rental/lease agreement or utility bill (gas, electric, etc.)
  • own/purchasing a home – current tax statement, settlement statement, warranty deed, purchase agreement/builder’s contract (settlement statement must be provided within 30 days of closing)
Name and address of previous school (if applicable)
Guardianship/custody papers (if applicable)
IEP/Individualized Education Plan (if applicable)

Other information to have available when registering:
  • Emergency contact names and numbers
  • Parents’ work/cell numbers

If you need help uploading documents to the registration service, you can find them here

Indiana is one of eight states that does not include curricular materials within your property taxes.  Under Indiana law, schools are allowed to charge families for the curricular and consumable materials utilized by their student.  Each year the school board adopts the curricular and consumable fees to be charged to families by grade level for grades PK-6 and by course for grades 7-12.



To search for your address click here and on the next page, click the search icon in the upper left hand corner.

Once you search for your address, you have to zoom out to see the exact location.