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WHS Athletic Ticketing Information 2020

Tickets for WHS Athletic Events

To help with managing seating capacity limitations at our athletic venues, we will NOT be selling FAMILY PASSES or SEASON PASSES this year.  All athletic events will be ticketed individually.   We know this is a big shift in procedures in how our fans attend events.  But we feel it is important to safeguard everyone involved and these new policies and procedures will help create a more sanitary environment.  

Ticket Spicket

All WHS Athletic Event tickets will be on sale online at   

Click on the BUY TICKETS button

Type WESTFIELD HIGH SCHOOL in the school search and click on it

Click on the event you want to purchase tickets for

There is an app that you can download to make it even easier on your phone

Your online tickets will be redeemed at the gate

There is a convenience fee for purchasing online tickets but we feel going to an online ticketing process was the responsible and only way to manage ticket sales, and meet CDC and Hamilton County Health Department recommended guidelines.


Varsity Football Capacity Limits

The Hamilton County Health Department has approved a limited capacity for Riverview Health Stadium.  Tickets for varsity football will be controlled by needing a code to purchase tickets.  Codes will be released as follows the week of a home varsity football game.

Sunday - Football, Cheer, and Band Parents

Monday Morning - WHS Student Body and Staff

Monday Evening - Westfield Community

Visiting teams will have a separate code to limit seating in the visitor bleachers.  If the visiting team does not sell out their bleachers by Friday morning we will release that code to the general population.

We fully expect to sell out online for all home varsity football games so don't delay in buying your tickets when the codes are released.

JV and Freshman Football, Volleyball, and Soccer Games

**Although the Hamilton County Health Department has approved limited capacity for these sports and their respective athletic venues, we do not anticipate having any spectator capacity issues.  Tickets for these events are on sale 24-7 on the website or on the Ticket Spicket app you download on your phone.  

**We do ask that fans of the first game i.e. JV leave as soon as that game is over and fans of the second game i.e. Varsity do not enter the venue until the first game is over and first game fans start leaving.  This would also be true of C-Team soccer games when the boys and girls C-teams play back to back on the same night.  

**Soccer Fans-We have plenty of room for fans but not plenty of bleacher seating.  Please bring your own portable chairs and blankets to sit around the field and on the hill.    

Can you buy tickets with Cash at the Gate on Game Night?

Yes, we will be selling tickets at the gate on game night if the event is not sold out online before the game. However, we HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to purchase tickets online ahead of time.  Buying tickets online ahead of time helps limit lines for good social distancing and avoids the exchange of cash and paper tickets which limits contact between you and our ticket takers.  We fully expect to be sold out of tickets for varsity football games so buying tickets online early in the week is your best bet.