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Foreign Exchange Program

Westfield Washington Schools is a globally diverse district that prides itself on getting students ready for the world after high school. That is why we invest in exchange programs so students are ready to be impactful members of a diverse workforce and a global economy.
For more information on how you can take part in our exchange programs and for commonly asked questions, see the information below.

Hosting an AFS exchange student in your home will allow your family to see the world from a fresh perspective, while you discover more about yourself and your own culture as well! You’ll create a relationship with your host student which will last long after their exchange year ends. An experience like this allows families to grow as individuals, become more flexible and adaptable, and more globally aware.

AFS-USA offers 24/7 support to students and host families and has over 75 years of experience implementing exchange programs. AFS-USA will help you select your student from any of over 80 different countries and with a variety of interests. All types of families are welcome!


Since 1947, CIEE (Council for International Educational Exchange) has been bringing the world together, advancing peace by building bridges of mutual understanding between different people, different countries, and different cultures. CIEE is a non-profit organization accredited through our State Department.  

Bringing an international student into your home, your school, and our Westfield community is a profound educational opportunity for all involved. Not only does it promote international awareness, but also cultural exchange. It is that exchange – trading stories, sharing viewpoints, seeing new ways of life – that fosters mutual understanding and respect between people, cultures, and countries. This is the foundation upon which an interconnected world is built.

Be a part of that journey. Host a student. Let the adventure begin.

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