• Welcome to Westfield High School, Home of the Shamrocks!  I am Alicia Denniston, proud principal of this amazing school.  This is my first year to serve in this role.  Before being named principal, I served as WHS Assistant Principal for eight years and was a Spanish and ESL teacher here at WHS before that.  When I came to WHS in 2007, after spending my first five years in education elsewhere, I knew I was home.  Fun fact:  My birthday is March 17.  I told my interview team back in 2007, that I was born a Shamrock and it was meant to be.  I live here in Westfield with my husband, Matt, who is also an educator and an officer in the National Guard.  We have four children, who attend Westfield schools--Benson (10), Arabella (8), Anneliesa (6), and Alister (4).  


    WHS continues to receive yearly accolades that remind us this is a wonderful school with a talented group of students and staff:  AP Honor Roll, Top Ten Schools in Indiana and named to the top 4% of schools in the nation by US News and Weekly Report, top graduation rate in the county, athletic state titles, Career and Technical Education award...I could go on.  While we are proud of these achievements, our culture here and the dedication of our staff who believe “Students First. Period”, Collaboration is Crucial- ”We are better together than we are on our own”, Rigor for ALL-” all students are capable of challenging work that will prepare them for the day after graduation”, and that a Growth Mindset is imperative-- is what makes this school the special place that it is.  


    I hope that you will take a moment to read my Principal’s Blog and find out more about what makes WHS special, our mission, and how we intend to grow and improve this year and into the future.  Watch for updates to the blog throughout the school year.  Also follow my Instagram to see evidence of our WHS life ready mission, cornerstones, and Westfield Way in action!


    At WHS, we have a mission to equip each student with the academic, wellness, and career skills to make them “Life Ready” for the day they leave us.  We want to help them connect to their passions and their purpose so that they can truly have unlimited future opportunities.  It is our true hope that each student of ours feels valued here, grows and thrives, finds their voice, and is willing to leave their comfort zones to connect with others and to lead and inspire.  While this has always been our strife, we are making an intentional focus this year to see our “Life Ready Mission through the Lens of Equity.”  If we really say, “All Means All” and we want all of our students to feel valued, how can we make sure we are continuously working toward that reality.  Our building’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Team has helped us renew this commitment this year by creating this vision statement:  “Westfield High School will be a school where ALL feel safe, included, respected, supported, and inspired to succeed regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, ability, or socioeconomic status.”  


    We know there is always work to do. We also know to truly prepare our youth for the present and the future, it takes a true partnership with our students, staff, parents, and the greater Westfield community.  We are excited to partner with you and are thrilled you have entrusted your students to our care at WHS.  Go Rocks!!