• During the 2019-20 school year, WWS will be implementing eLearning days when inclement weather causes school closures.  Traditionally, our school district had previously used “Flex Days”  (Monday, January 20, 2020 -Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Monday, February 17, 2020 -Presidents Day) as inclement weather makeup dates; if we had a school cancellation, school would be in session these dates. However, per the school board decision in August of this year eLearning will now be used throughout the district on days canceled for inclement weather and there is no longer a need for Flex Days. These two days are now officially school holidays.

    On eLearning days, at the high school, students will receive a lesson/assignment in each one of their classes via Canvas. Each assignment will be posted by 10 AM on the day of the cancellation.  If the day begins as a delay and then becomes a cancellation, assignments will still be posted no later than 10 AM. All work must be submitted through Canvas by the beginning of school two school days after school has resumed.  For example, if an eLearning day occurs on a Tuesday, students will have until the start of school Friday to upload assignments to Canvas.   

    During the 48 hour window that students have to do the assignment, our school will provide some computer lab hours where they can come in to work.  We will post those lab hours at the time the eLearning day is called. We will utilize our website, email and social media to communicate these hours. 

    Please click here to read the document we have shared with students on their Home Canvas pages so that they know the process for eLearning days, the submission window, open lab hours at school following the cancellation day, and how we will take attendance for eLearning days per the guidelines from the state.

    You can also access the district eLearning information district website.

    Our high school students are accustomed to utilizing Canvas, and our teachers post their assignments daily on the Canvas calendar all throughout the school year. We believe eLearning to be an excellent way to safely “attend” school while avoiding adding on additional calendar days at the end of the year.