Future Kindergarten Information



    Kindergarten Registration Information 

     Step #1: Complete Online Registration 

    ****Registration for the 2022-2023 school year will begin Tuesday February 15th, 2022******

     Click Here to Register

    *Any child who has a legal settlement in Westfield Washington Schools("WWS") and is five years of age on or before August 1st of that year may enroll in the kindergarten program.

    Documents needed - Birth Certificate, Proof of Residency, Driver's License, and current/updated Immunizations.  These items can be scanned during the registration process or brought to the Oak Trace office or central office to be copied.

    Step #2: Sign up for a Kindergarten Screening

    Screenings will be held on TBD

     This basic screening will take approximately 20 minutes and the purpose is to get a sense of your child's readiness for kindergarten. 

    Step #3: Fill out the "Getting to Know Your Child" Form

    Please click TBD to complete. This will give the teachers some basic background/developmental information about your child.

    Step #4: View and pring the Little Acorn Night Presentation 

     Click HERE to view. This holds all of the information you need for the upcoming year.  Please print a copy and actually walk through a typical day with your child, showing him/her what to expect in kindergarten.  

    Step #5: Purchase Supplies 

    Option #1:   Purchase prepackaged supply kits through the Oak Trace PTO.  If you order a kit, your child's supplies will be delivered directly to his/her classroom before the start of school. The deadline to order is TBD. Prices vary by grade and range from TBD. For more information and to order please click TBD

    Option #2:    If you prefer to shop on your own, you may download a copy of the list TBD .

    Step #6- Sign Up for Before and After Care(optional)

    2022-2023 BAC online open enrollment begins TBD

    If your child will need before and aftercare, please click HERE to visit the Student Support Services page for the BAC program.  This program is very popular and fills up quickly.

    Step #7: Fill Out Safe Visitor Background Check

    ****Due to COVID restrictions no visitors are allowed in the school****

    However, we are able to have field trips and if you would like to be a chaperone you will need to be Safe Visitor approved.

    You may visit the school office without a background check. 

    You can find the forms and more information about this program by clicking HERE.


    Click Here for a copy of the 2022-2023 School Calendar 

    Click Here and scan the QR code from your phone for a virtual tour of Oak Trace Elementary School.


    If you have any questions about the information above please contact Lori Egler at 317-867-6411.