English As A Second Language (ESL)

  • Westfield Washington Schools is proud to offer a program to service our students whose native language is not English. Services vary from specifically designed classes for English language instruction to additional support provided within the regular classroom setting. Students not needing this level of support remain in a general education environment, and their progress is monitored through communication between their general education teachers and the district's English as a Second Language teachers.

    Currently, ESL programs are offered at the high school, middle school, and intermediate school buildings. Elementary ESL instruction is provided at only Carey Ridge and Washington Woods. Students whose "home schools" are Maple Glen, Monon Trail, Oak Trace, and Shamrock Springs are provided bus transportation from the home school to their assigned school for ESL instruction.

    Student placement within the ESL program is based on the results from the LAS Links Assessment, which is a language proficiency test adopted by the state of Indiana, as required by the No Child Left Behind Act. Students are evaluated on their English abilities in the areas of speaking, reading, writing, and listening. Students are then assigned a Language Proficiency Level, based on the results of the test. The Language Proficiency Levels are as follows:
    • Level 1 - Student does not speak, understand, read or write English but may know a few isolated words.
    • Level 2 - Student understands simple sentences in English when spoken slowly, speaks one or two word utterances, but does not read or write English.
    • Level 3 - Student communicates orally in English with hesitancy, begins to read and write in English.
    • Level 4 - Student speaks and understands English without difficulty but may still be reading and writing below grade level.
    • Level 5 - Student speaks, understands, reads and writes English without difficulty and displays academic achievement comparable to English speaking peers at his/her grade level.

    Parents will receive notification whether or not their child qualifies for the ESL program and their child's Language Proficiency Level within the first month of the new school year, or within two weeks of their child's enrollment date (when a child enrolls mid-year).

    Parents have the right to deny ESL services; however, WIDA  testing is required by the state of Indiana each school year until the child's language proficiency level reaches Level 5 for two consecutive years.

    Contact: Chase Stinson, Student Services Director

    (317) 867-8006