Principal's Message and SPEAK UP!

  • Hello WMS Rocks!

    My name is Mike Hall and I am the proud principal of Westfield Middle School. WMS is home to all 7th and 8th Grade Students within the Westfield Community. As the Principal of Westfield Middle School, I wanted to take this opportunity to share some amazing things about our school. WMS is known for its amazing Fine Arts program, a National Award Winning Yearbook, as a Distiguished Project Lead the Way Building, for having champion student athletes, and having an awesome student body! We are a pretty amazing school that LOVES our students aqnd community.

    We know that this year is going to be different! We know that it is going to require flexibility and a commitment to education. We have limited time with our students in the Hybrid program so we will need to take advantage of every minute of every day! For students that are working through our virtual platform, it will require discipline and focus with the support of two WMS teachers committed to learning.

    As you know, social distancing and wearing a mask is going to be critical for us to stop the spread of COVID. We also know that as 7th and 8th graders, both of these new requirements will be tough. We want students to socialize, to hang out with friends, and we want as much of the typical middle school experience for all of our students. I am asking that all of our students listen to the adults in the building, support one another, and help us create an amazing environment so everyone fees safe.


    I also want to share that you will see and hear teachers talk about the Westfield Way! The Westfield Way is seen daily in our interactions with one another, our support for one another, and our underswtanding of others. It can be seen in our cafeteria, hallway, classroom, on the playing field, or in an after school club. With all of these things we celebrate, we also recognize we have areas to grow within our school and community. One of those areas that we must continue to grow and develop in each and every one of us, is our ability to recognize and confront hate, bias, and racism towards other students. I read a quote by Mla Pollock earlier this summer and I wanted to share it with you. "Hate , bias, and passivity toward harm to others all thrive on a lack of knowledge. We stand up for one another when we get more informed about fellow human beings and the world." (

    So what does that mean at WMS? It means that we have zero tolerance for hate, bias, racism or passivity towards harming others. We promote empathy and perspective-taking to help students challenge prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination. At WMS, students are encouraged to SPEAK UP at school. The SPEAK UP guidelines are as follows:

    INTERRUPT by saying, "I don't like words like that or that phrase was hurtful."

    QUESTION by saying, "Why do you say that? What do you mean? or Tell me more."

    EDUCATE by saying, "Do you know the history of that word?"

    ECHO by saying "Thanks for speacking up, Allison. I agree that word is offensive and we should not use it."

    The staff at WMS is committed to creating an environment where all students feel accepted, valued, respected and LOVED. I am challenging all of us to SPEAK UP and take a stand against hate, bias, stereotyping and racism!

    Stay safe, keep learning and SPEAK UP and MASK UP!!

    Mike Hall