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Long Term Disability (LTD)

Long Term Disability Benefits by Cigna

WWS pays all but $1.00 of the total annual premium of the following benefits for all full time employees which will be provided through Cigna.
Long Term Disability Benefits (LTD)
After a 90 day elimination period, and after your Short Term Disability benefits expire (if elected), your Long Term Disability benefits will begin.
  • Long Term Disability benefits will pay 66 2/3 % of the employee's monthly salary up to the maximum plan benefit, less other income benefits.
  • Benefits will be paid for the duration of the disability.
  • In order to receive benefits, the application for benefits that can be found on the link below must be completed by you, your doctor and your employer.
  • Long Term Disability benefits are paid on a monthly basis.
  • Checks will be sent to your home address.

Cigna LTD Class 1-Admin.pdf
Cigna  LTD Class 2-Certified
Cigna LTD Class 3-Noncert and Bus Drivers