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American Fidelity Benefits

American Fidelity Assurance Co.

Josh Quattrocchi-Senior Account Manager 317-871-2480
The Section 125 Plan offered through American Fidelity Assurance Company allows you to deduct needed benefits from your gross earnings before taxes are computed. What that means is that current after-tax expenses for insurance products and benefits can now be paid for with pre-tax dollars. This benefit helps you reduce your taxes and increase your spendable income.
You can direct a part of your pay, on a pre-tax basis, into special accounts that can be used to reimburse yourself for dependent day care expenses and/or unreimbursed medical expenses. As you incur expenses, you submit the appropriate claim paperowrk for reiumbursement of your expense. They also now offer an American Fidelity Debit card for immediate access to your accout for medical expenses. See below for full benefit description.
American Fidelity also offers Short Term Disability, Cancer, Accident Only, and Life insurance plans.
Visit the American Fidelity website for all your claims needs.