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School Board Members sit on a variety of district-wide and community committees and groups.  
2023 Board of School Trustees Committee Appointments
Alumni Relations Committee/Representative: Amber Willis
Broad Based Planning (High Ability) Committee Representative: Amber Willis
Continuous Quality Team:  All Board of Trustees members
Finance Committee Representatives (2): Bill Anderson, Rebecca Ogle
ISBA Delegate & Legislative Liaison: Jimmy Cox
Negotiations Committee Representative: Jimmy Cox, Mike Steele
Safety Committee Representative: Bill Anderson, Mike Steele
School Board Policy Liaison: Jimmy Cox, Mike Steele
Wellbeing Coalition of Westfield Stakeholder Group: Bill Anderson, Amber Willis
Technology Committee: Bill Anderson, Rebecca Ogle
Westfield Washington Education Foundation Board Member: Amber Willis
Westfield Redevelopment Commission – non-voting member: Mike Steele