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Destination Westfield

Westfield is the top destination community in the state of Indiana. We are the fastest growing city in the Midwest, and our school district reflects that. Our enrollment has steadily increased for the past 20 years and shows no signs of slowing down. That is why the leaders of Westfield Washington Schools are focused on maintaining academic excellence and preserving the small-town Westfield experience even as our city continues to grow. We are the top destination city, so our plan for growth and alignment is Destination Westfield.

As we approach capacity in many of our schools, now is the time to set ourselves up for success now and for years to come. With academics and student wellbeing at the forefront, we’ve laid out a plan that will put us in a position to continue to provide academic rigor, increase extracurricular offerings, provide leadership opportunities for young Rocks and much more.

Starting in 2024