WWS Updates - July 31, 2020

  • Hello Rocks Families!

    Thank you to all our families for your patience and support as we work through details of our Return of the Rocks reopening plan.  Thank you to everyone who completed the survey!  We have gathered the data and we are working through refining the final details for our return to school plan.  We are ready to welcome back our students in August.  Please see below for our weekly updates!

    First Week of School - Thursday and Friday - August 13 & 14

    Students who will attend in-person on Thursday (Gold) will be issued a “Getting to Know You” assignment to be completed Friday for virtual learning.  The students going to school Friday will get the “Getting to Know You” assignment to be completed Thursday.  Your teacher will be in touch with details.  

    BAC/Zone 58 Update

    The WWS BAC and Zone 58 hybrid all day care has met its current capacity. We will establish a waiting list for families who remain interested in care as we continue to work on ways to increase our capacity and maintain social distancing. We will communicate more information to interested families as decisions are made about additional capacity as we prepare to return to school.  

    Mask Policy

    We have had several questions regarding masks since the Governor’s announcement last week.  Our mask policy will not change and aligns with the Governor’s requirements.  It still is requiring the following: In all WWS classrooms, students will be required to wear facemasks.  The only time a student will be allowed to remove a facemask is if the teacher gives the students the option to remove it based on the fact that the teacher has determined that the students are socially distanced.  We know that it will be very difficult to socially distance within our classrooms, so students will be wearing masks the majority of the time.  However, if a teacher is able to find ways for students to socially distance in a classroom (6 feet away from anyone else) or they are able utilize another space in the building (large area) or go outside for instruction where students could spread out and socially distance, then the teacher, if they want, could give the students the option to remove their masks.  That is the discretion that the teacher has in terms of wearing masks - only if social distancing is present and the teacher gives the approval.  Students will also be required to wear masks on buses.  

    New lanyards for Students in Grades K-6

    WWS will be purchasing green lanyards for students in grades K-6 who will be attending school on the gold and green days so when needed, they can clip their masks to the lanyard for safe keeping!  These lanyards will be distributed the first week of school.  

    School Supplies

    You can find a link to all school supply lists for elementaries, WIS and WMS on our website www.wws.k12.in.us - listed under each school.  If you have questions about supplies, please contact your child’s school directly.  

    Help Wanted: BAC

    BAC is in need of staff to help support families during the district's hybrid plan. If you have a college aged student who either took a year off or is now at home due to online classes, we'd love to interview him/her for a position in BAC. Salaries are competitive and the employee can work up to 8 hours a day.  We are also looking for high school seniors who have co-op or senior seminar at the end of the day to help in BAC. Contact Marci Derado at [email protected] for more information.

    Help Wanted: Be a Sub! 

    Top 5 Reasons to be a Substitute Teacher

    Flexibility: you are in charge of your own schedule

    Make a difference in your community (and get paid)

    Summers, nights, and weekends off

    Ideal for stay-at-home parents and those reentering the workforce

    Pick the days AND the school at which you work

    Visit https://www.wws.k12.in.us/Page/1012 or email [email protected] for more information.

    Help Wanted: Be a Food Service Worker

    Want a fun way to interact with kids - here’s your chance!  Be a food service worker!  Starting at 10.00 an hour, with some positions earning more. Hours are normally from 7-3, which can vary based on school building.  Full and part time positions available.  If you’re interested, email [email protected].  

    Until next week… ROCK ON!

    Dr. Sherry Grate