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    We are a club that meets weekly except on school holidays, and participation is purely voluntary for WHS club bowling. Students do not have to join the competition portion if they don’t want to, and can just participate weekly on our “practice team” to have fun and improve their game! 


    For competition in the IHSB (Indiana High School Bowling) Youth League (where we compete against other schools in our division) the minimum is five bowlers to have a team.  We can have up to 10 boys on one team and up to 10 girls on another team or a combined co-ed team of 10 kids. Division competition started mid-October. Depending on our team(s) win-loss records, higher-level tournaments may continue into Conference, Semi-State and State competitions into December and January.  There is a fee for bowlers to participate in the inter-school competitions, as we must pay for team jerseys, bowling center costs and fund other awards such as trophies and potential college scholarship money. We held tryouts for our current Club “varsity” team(s) during our practices on September 23 and September 30 and our roster is listed below. Again, everyone is welcome weekly on the Club “practice team.”


    *Everyone has to sign a waiver and turn it in to participate in bowling. Safety is our #1 priority! 


    Regular Bowling Club "practice team" meets on Tuesdays at Bowl 32 located at 845 Westfield Rd, Noblesville, IN 46062  from 4:30-6 pm for $1 game/ shoes are free. Contact Amanda Gibson mrsamandagibson@gmail.com to sign up.


    Varsity Girls Team: (Listed alphabetically)

    Cain, Sierra                       Junior
    Fernung, Alyssa                Sophomore
    Hinkle, Millie                        Sophomore
    Krawczyk, Kendall             Freshman
    Maduwuba, Celine            Junior
    Martin, Lexi                       Senior
    Smith, Sydney                  Sophomore

    Spiller, Raegan                 Junior
    Varsity Boys Team: (Listed alphabetically)

    Behler, Jack                     Freshman
    Benich, Kelton                 Junior
    Essex, Logan                   Freshman
    Fairley, Casey                  Junior
    Gibson, Cody                   Freshman
    Hendricks, Cal                 Sophomore
    McKenna, Finn                Senior
    Mroch, Jason                   Sophomore
    Sadowy, Jon                    Junior
    Witzman, Ryan                Freshman

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