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  • Theatre


    Theatre Arts


    This course explores the art of theatre with an emphasis on acting. Students will learn to be more expressive, develop self-confidence, develop their voice and diction, and improve their ability to work with others


    Technical Theatre


    This class explores the behind-the-scenes world of theatre and focuses on play production and stagecraft. Units of study will include theatre staff and crews, the physical theatre, safety, properties, costumes, stage makeup, and scenic design.


    Advanced Technical Theatre


    This course continues the units of study in technical theatre that can be applied to disciplines beyond live theatre, focusing on lighting and sound design elements.


    Advanced Acting


    Students enrolled in Advanced Acting research, create, and perform characters through script analysis, observation, collaboration, and rehearsal. These activities will incorporate elements of theatre history, culture, analysis, response, creative process, and integrated studies.


    Musical Theatre


    Students in this course study the history of musical theatre and its place in today’s society. They participate in staging, choreographing, rehearsing, and performing an original or existing musical work


    Theatre Production


    Theatre Production is a co-curricular class, involving some outside-of-class rehearsals and performances. Students in this class will take on the responsibilities associated with rehearsing, directing, and presenting a fully mounted production.