• Spikeball Cllub

    Spikeball Club is an athletic club based on the great game of spikeball as seen on Shark Tank. The game is a 2 vs 2 around a trampoline/net, the whole goal of the game is to hit the ball or spike it off of the net, and cause the opposing team to hit the ball on the ground in order to gain points. It’s very easy, fun, and fast to learn.  Join with a friend for your partner and work your way up with your partner to be the best team out there! Anyone is welcome to join!


    Meetings: We meet twice a month during CORE in the MPIF.



    For updates about the Spikeball club and reminders of meetings text 810-10 and use code 4386kd 


    For any questions, please contact Rachel Tompkins at tompkinsr@wws.k12.in.us