CareLikeCate is a club dedicated to spreading positivity, good news, and joy throughout our school.


    CareLikeCate was founded in memory of Cate Weglarz - sister of sophomore Sarah Weglarz and cousin of freshman Allie Hopp. Cate's life was marked by joy and laughter - and Sarah and Allie want to spread good news throughout WHS to keep her legacy of positivity, encouragement, and joy alive.


    The CareLikeCate Club collects good news - whether big or small - from all of WHS and compiles it into a biweekly report shown on RockTV, as well as on Instagram. We will be meeting every other week to compile and organize our good news. If you are interested in helping us spread joy, please email Sarah or Allie at carelikecate@gmail.com, or contact our club sponsor Miss Stephens at stephensc@wws.k12.in.us.