• Dear Westfield Families,


    With some possible inclement weather coming tonight, we wanted to send some additional information out on our eLearning plans in case we would have a school cancellation tomorrow.  


    As per the district document that was sent out earlier this fall, our first school cancellation will be an eLearning day district-wide.  At the high school, students will receive a lesson/assignment in each one of their classes via Canvas. Each assignment will be posted by 9 AM on the day of the cancellation.  If the day begins as a delay and then becomes a cancellation, assignments will be posted no later than 11 AM.


    Please click here to read the document we have shared with students on their Home Canvas pages so that they know the process for eLearning days, the submission window, open lab hours at school following the cancellation day, and how we will take attendance for eLearning days per the guidelines from the state.


    You can also access eLearning information and see a list of staff office hours on our school website under eLearning found under both the Students and Parents tabs.


    While the weather may hit earlier than we would have expected, our high school students are accustomed to utilizing Canvas, and our teachers have been posting their assignments daily on the Canvas calendar.  Many have also done some practices with eLearning formats this week. So, we believe eLearning to be an excellent way to safely “attend” school while avoiding adding on additional calendar days at the end of the year.




    WHS Administration