• FAQ for YMCA


    The Wheeler Family, Westfield Washington Schools and the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis have signed a non-binding “Memorandum of Understanding” that contemplates development of a full facility YMCA and conjoined natatorium facility on approximately 10 acres of the Wheeler Family’s property at the southwest corner of Wheeler Road and 181st Street in Westfield. The project is dependent on several important preconditions, such as fundraising and development approvals.  


    Why did the school district decide to go this route?

    Cost estimates indicate that maintaining WWS pools at both Westfield Middle School and Westfield High School could cost up to $10 million per pool with no upgrades; that is simply for maintaining what we have and does not include operational costs. To improve our facilities to 6A level, the cost would be roughly $20 million for just Westfield High School. The future of our aquatics program is a priority for our district and because of those financial demands, this potential partnership with the YMCA is a great community-wide solution.


    Where is the funding coming from?

    Currently the district is exploring three options for financing of the project

    1. Operating Lease
      1. WWS will identify a developer, who or which would construct and finance the WWS Space and lease the WWS Space to WWS
      2. Lease payments would be made solely payable out of WWS Operating Fund at terms and conditions acceptable to all parties
      3. Not a lease to own - at end of term title would remain with the developer
      4. The developer would be party to the Facility Development Agreement as well as landlord under lease to receive lease payment from WWS
    2. Lease payable through WWS Debt Service Fund
      1. The developer would borrow funds for construction of the WWS Space which would be repaid through lease with WWS
        1. The developer would be landlord under lease agreement in which WWS levies property tax in debt service fund to make lease payment to the developer
        2. WWS has option to purchase fee simple title of land and WWS Space
        3. The developer would be party to the Facility Development Agreement as well as landlord under lease to receive lease payments from WWS
      2. WWS borrows through taxable bonds and funds construction of WWS Space directly
        1. Building COrporation is landlord under financing lease with WWS, issues bonds and constructs WWS Space
        2. The Building Corporation must hold fee simple title to land and WWS Space
        3. WWS has option to purchase fee simple title of land and WWS Space
        4. The Building Corporation would be party to Facility Development Agreement as well as landlord under lease to receive lease payments from WWS

    All three of these options are currently being vetted to determine what would be in the best interest of the district and residents.  Under all of the options there would not be an increase in tax rates as debt would not be issued until 2019 with the first payment projected to be in the second half of 2020, by this time our total non-exempt debt service rate would be able to absorb the payment for this lease without a tax rate increase.


    We believe this to be the most fiscally prudent decision, and one that will benefit our entire community, beyond our school community.


    Where are the construction referendum dollars going?

    In May 2017 the community approved a $90 million capital referendum to address the growth at Westfield Intermediate School, Westfield Middle School, and Westfield High School; as well as other facility needs throughout the district.  The district has been working hard to maximize the dollars to the projects while trying to keep the tax rate as low as possible.  When the referendum was approved the projected tax rate was going to be $0.30, but since that time we have been able to reduce the rate to roughly $0.20.  


    Below is a listing of the current projects that make up the use of the $90 million capital referendum.  Many of the numbers below are still estimates until the projects have been sent out for bid. Projects have already begun at WIS and WMS, and will continue on throughout the district through 2021.  The project priority was determined in part by a facility study that was completed in July 2015 by the Skillman Corporation. The remaining funds in the budget will be held until the WIS, WMS, and WHS projects have been completed and then will be applied to the other outstanding facility needs throughout the district.  All funds should be spent by the Summer of 2022




    WHS Project



    WHS Roof



    WHS Water Softener



    WHS Cooling Tower



    WMS Project



    WMS Air Handler



    WMS Air Handlers



    WMS Roof



    WMS Water Softener



    WIS Project



    WIS HW Heater



    WIS Water Softener



    WIS Water Fountains and Sinks



    Project Insurance



    MGES HW Heater



    MTES Pavement



    CRES Boiler



    CRES Pavement



    CRES Carpet



    CRES Playground Tile



    CRES Signage



    CRES Roof



    OTES Carpet



    OTES Boilers



    OTES Roof



    WWES Roof



    WWES Carpet



    WWES Parking Lot



    Transportation Parking Lot



    Estimated Total



    What is the timeline?

    If all conditions are met, the group hopes to break ground in the spring of 2019 and open the new YMCA center and natatorium in the spring of 2021.