• Assistive Technology (AT) is any tool or device that can improve the independence of a student with a disability. AT allows our students to perform tasks that they could otherwise not do. The WWS AT team consists of professionals with a range of AT expertise. AT also supports Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in the classroom throughout the district. Please see the attached brochure for more details.

    WWS AT Brochure


    AEM For Achievement Grant 

    upar    snap and read      co writer      snap and co

    Westfield is one of eight districts in the state to receive the AEM for Achievement Grant for the 2017-18 school year. With this grant, all students in the district have access to the tools Co:Writer and SnapandRead. Co:Writer is a tool for written production that includes word prediction and speech to text. SnapandRead is a tool that reads out loud any text on the screen, including text from a website, google doc, or PDF. These tools work on all operating systems and devices. They can access them by logging into their Google/school account at school or home!

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    iPad app for Snap and Read

    iPad app for Co:Writer

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    Monthly Newsletters 

    Previous AT Tips and Tricks   (Monthly Newsletters) September 17, 2017 highlights the AEM grant in greater detail!


    Inside the Rock Podcast Dr. Grate and the AEM Grant



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    What is Bookshare?   

    Reading with Bookshare Webreader  


    Annotating on a Worksheet