• Nurses by law can not administer medication at school without your permission granted in Powerschool.  The permission expires at the end of every school year and is deleted, you must log into Powerschool each school year and renew the permission.
    • School stocks ONLY the following medication for students.  These medications are given sparingly and we have limited supply.  If your child needs multiple doses, you maybe asked to provide a supply for your student to the clinic. 
      • Acetaminophen
      • Antibiotic Cream
      • Benadryl (used very sparingly and with caution for student drivers) 
      • Benadryl Anti Itch Cream
      • Caladryl Lotion
      • Hydrocordisone Cream
      • Ibuprofen
      • Sting Kill (bee stings)

    Providing permission in Powerschool. 

    1. Log onto your Parent access to Powerschool.  You can find this by going to Parents > Powerschool.  If you have forgotten your log on information please contact the school directly, the front office can help you log into the program.
    2. Navigate to Demographic Updates
    3. Go to the Medical Info tab and update all information. Once you have made your changes, go to Confirm and Submit tab and complete the information on this page.  Please make sure you include the date correctly for example 01/01/20.  If the date is not entered correctly the permisison will not be completed and the nurse will not be able to verify your permission. 


    1. Print out the Authorization to Administer Medication FORM and drop it off to the nurse with the medication.  The nurse will complete the form and inventory your medication with you while in the clinic.   
    2. Prescription medications require a physicians medical order to give the medication at school. This medical order can be found at the bottom of the Authorization to Administer Medication Form. Please have your physician complete and sign this prior to dropping of the medication. Medication will not be administered without the physicians order. 
    3. Only parents/guardians or person over the age of 18 appointed by the parents/guardian can transport a medication to school for a child, this is according to the WWS Policy and Indiana State law.

    DROPPING OFF AN OVER THE COUNTER MEDICATION- provide to the clinic in the original package. The nurse can only give the dose listed on the package label according to weight/age.  If your physician has ordered you to give more then the dose on the package label it would be considered a prescription dose, you will need to have your doctor complete the medication information portion of the Authorization to Administer Medication form.

    DROPPING OFF A PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION-  provide to the clinic in the prescription bottle with the most current medication information and the student's name on the label. For the safety of your child, the precription label must match the medication in the bottle and the medical order by your health care provider. All prescription medications require a medical order from your physician.  A space for this order is provided on the Authorization to Administer Medication form.  

    LIQUID MEDICATIONS- Dosing spoons/syringes must be provided for all liquid medications by the parents and must be appropriately sized for the dose given, for the safety of your child. 
    TIME OF MEDICATION- Only medications that must be given during school hours will be administer to avoid disruption to your child's educational time.  Medications that are given once, twice or three times a day should be given at home. 
    MEDICATION INVENTORY- The school clinics can only store a maximum of a 30 day supply of medication.  Refills in the clinic must be dropped off by the parents/guardian or a person over the age of 18 with a written note from the parents, this is a state law. 
    NON FDA approved medications/supplements-Westfield School policy states that non-FDA approved medication will not be dispensed during school hours, this includes but is not limited to supplements  such as vitamins, herbs, essential oils and homeopathic medications.
    DISCONTIUNED MEDICATION - Please inform the school nurse immediately when a medication has been discontinued for your student.  Please make arrangements to pick up the medications or have the nurse dispose of the inventory left in the clinic within 1 week of notification. 
    END OF THE YEAR PROCEDURE- All medications, including emergency medications (EPI Pens, Inhalers, Diastat) must be picked up by the last day of school.  Due to safety concerns during the summer, no long term storage is avialable in the clinics.  Any medication left in the clinics will be disposed of prior to summer break.