• Junior Class (Class of 2021)

    PROM 2020 is at the Indiana State Museum on May 2nd from 8-11 pm.


    Prom 2020 Information:

    • Current WHS Juniors and Seniors in good standing and their guests are permitted to attend.
    • Students are not required to have a date.  They may attend alone or in groups (but must have a date as described below if not a current WHS Junior or Senior themselves).
    • All students will undergo a breathalyzer test when arriving to Prom and can be tested at any point during the event as deemed necessary.
    • All students (WHS & guests) must have a photo ID that will be checked upon arrival.
    • Prom ends PROMPTLY at 11:00 pm. Students who do not leave within a reasonable amount of time will be charged a late fee to cover the cost associated with the venue and additional supervision.


    • WHS underclassmen may attend as the date of a WHS upperclassmen.
    • Non-WHS students may attend as the date of a WHS upperclassmen.
    • Non-WHS guests must be approved by administration by submitting a guest form.  
      • Guest forms require information from the WHS student and guest and require multiple days to complete and return to WHS.
    • Guest forms must be turned in by the published due date or the guest will not be approved.
      • WHS student will receive confirmation of guest approval within one week of turning in a correctly-completed guest form.


    • Ticket cost varies from year-to-year based upon Prom expenses.  All prices and price increases will be published by the start of sales.
    • Tickets are sold at school during the month leading up to Prom, but there will be a published cut-off date in order to finalize details with the venue.
    • Tickets will be sold during lunches, but can also be purchased from the Junior Class Sponsors before/after school during the sales period.
    • The price of tickets will INCREASE at two points during sales.  The dates and prices will be publicized on announcements and are listed below.


    • Students may NOT buy tickets from another student or resell their ticket to another student.  All sales must go through Junior Class Officers and Junior Class Sponsors.
    • All tickets are numbered.  The number corresponds to the name provided when purchasing tickets and can’t be transferred without permission of the Junior Class Sponsors.
    • Students do NOT need to bring their ticket to Prom.  The names of all guests will be on the official, numbered list.  Only guests on the list with proper photo ID will be admitted.

    For more information, please see Mr. Morse (morsek@wws.k12.in.us) or Mrs. Holt (holte@wws.k12.in.us)