• What We Do:  We design and create spirit wear, club shirts, athletic team shirts and other gear for students at all WWS schools and their families.  

    After construction, The Rock Shop and Phil's will be run by students with options for internship hours before school and during each period of the day.  The workers will be part of Mr. Fugate's classes. All club members will have specific responsibilities and the managers will be selected through an interview process.  There are options to earn extra credits towards their profit-sharing by working at events after school hours including athletic events, whole school events, and events at other schools.  

    What You Get:  In addition to resume and college application boosting experiences, you will share in the profits at the end of the trimester.  There will also be a scholarship available to one student per year or trimester.     

    Questions:  Contact us at whsrockshop@wws.k12.in.us.  You can also see Mr. Fugate or Mr. Bruns in the Learning Center.  Also, check out our website www.whsrockshop.org.


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