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    Hugs2Honduras is a service club that supports education and schools in the outskirts of the capital city of Tegucigalpa.  We help with projects throughout Central America as well as keeping an eye out for local initiatives with a focus on the Hispanic community.   We have had guest speakers and learned about issues facing these communities, we have created dishes from Honduras,  fundraised through a popular Tshirt sale and various bake sales and supply drives.  We enjoy participating in the Pulsera Project and sell bracelets that promote fair trade.  Our fundraising projects have helped build a kindergarten, purchase numerous supplies,  school uniforms, and more.


    A little history:

    HUGS (aka Hugs2Honduras) began in 2013! Mrs. Delp's Spanish classes were very moved by lessons about the daily economic struggles many students face in this region. 

    Learning how people are living in homes made of mud and sticks, with poorly ventilated fire/stoves, and the sad state of schools in many parts of Honduras, really left an impression.  

    In class, students wrote letters to orphans in Honduras and the boys at Flor Azul, a boys' farm.

    School supplies and backpacks were also collected to send to the boys.  

    The trimester ended, but their desire to do MORE blossomed, and thus, the Hugs2Honduras club was born.

    We focus our meetings on getting to know one another and finding fun ways to serve the educational needs of these children.

    100% of the funds raised through our activities go to fund school uniform purchases, build schools, purchase special supplies, or fund a special project that will benefit them.

    EVERYONE is welcome at our club meetings.    

    Please note, speaking Spanish is not a requirement for participation in this club. 

    We funnel our donations to Honduras through HETO   
    and also partner with Friends of Honduran Children 


    Mrs. Allison Delp is the club Sponsor, please contact her with any questions at delpa@wws.k12.in.us


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