• Westfield Autism Team

    Westfield Autism Team 

    The Purpose of WAT

    WAT is a multidisciplinary support team that consists of individuals who represent the nine school buildings within the Westfield Washington School district.  WAT’s goal is to serve as a resource and a support base to the child’s multidisciplinary team (parents, teachers, administrators, therapists, and support staff).

    WAT’s purpose is to:

    • Help increase understanding of autism spectrum disorders and associated programming needs.
    • Facilitate problem-solving by collaborating with the child’s multidisciplinary team.
    • Disseminate information to assist in providing effective programming for students.

    WAT’s purpose is not to:

    • Diagnose autism spectrum disorders
    • Participate in case conferences.

    When should I contact WAT?

     WAT Referral Flowchart

    WAT Referral Flowchart

     A concern can be generated by a classroom or special education teacher, administrator, special area teacher, family member, or other personnel involved in the student’s educational team.

    1. Concern for a student identified with Autism
    2. Contact Teacher of Record
    3. Contact Building WAT Member
    4. Referral to WAT
    5. WAT Consultation
    6. WAT Observation
    7. Referral to Westfield Washington Schools Autism Specialist


    What happens during a “consultation ” or an observation” from the WAT?

     At each step, either a solution will be found or WAT will move to the next level on the flowchart.

    When a referral is made to a member of the WAT, the first step will be a consultation.  During a consultation, members of WAT will discuss concerns and generate strategies to promote success. 

    When concerns are still present after strategies have been fully implemented, the WAT may conduct a classroom observation of the student upon request.  After the observation, the WAT will meet with the student’s educational team and family to share information, to help develop a resource plan, to make recommendations for programming, and to answer questions


    WAT is working on….

     Strengthening staff resources in the following areas:

    • Awareness
      • Peer
      • Staff support
    • Social Interactions
    • Academic Interventions



    Basecamp Help

    How do I access the Autism Team if I need information about Autism Spectrum Disorders or related Services?

    You may contact your building WAT member to access the WAT.  Each WAT member has information on various topics. 


    Special Education Director

    Dr. Chase Stinson


    WAT Coordinator

    Carla Butorac—Washington Woods


    Behavior Specialist

    Carol Cramer—Shamrock Springs


    K-6 Level Members

    TBA—Carey Ridge


    Chloe Diedam—Monon Trail


    Jodi Hardt - Washington Woods


    Ashley Sullivan- Maple Glen

    867– 6528

    Christine Pepiot– Oak Trace


    Tisha Syrus– Monon Trail, SLP


    Holly Foltz—Westfield Intermediate


    Abby Neal– Shamrock Springs



    7-12 Level Members

    Laura Arrington- Westfield Middle School


    Teri VanderWyden– High School


    Related Services

    Cherie Hagemeier - School Psychologist


    Jill Esterle– OT