Response to Instruction/Intervention

  • Westfield Washington Schools establishes, maintains, and implements a general education intervention procedure, implemented at the building level, for students whose classroom performance is adversely affecting educational outcomes. A suggested procedure includes:

    • When school personnel, a parent/guardian or the student him/herself has concerns regarding a student’s academic performance and/or his/her social/behavioral adjustment, the building principal or principal’s designee is contacted and referral is made to the RTI committee.
    • The building based team meets to devise strategies for resolving the problem or concern. This meeting must be held soon after the referral has been made.
    • An intervention plan is developed and implemented (See RTI Intervention Plan).
    • Parents are notified in writing.
    • There is a follow-up meeting of the team to determine the success of the intervention. At this time, the plan may be re-designed and the time frame extended, a 504 conference can be scheduled, or a decision may be made to initiate a psychoeducational evaluation. If an evaluation is sought, the completed RTI form must accompany the psychoeducational evaluation referral when it is sent to the Special Services Office.
    • A parent referral for a psychoeducational evaluation cannot be delayed due to a RTI . However, the RTI can be held concurrently with the psychoeducational evaluation. In this case, the referral is sent first and the RTI is sent when completed, but must be completed by the time the Case Conference Committee is convened.
    • A parent may agree to withdraw a request for a psychoeducational evaluation to allow a RTI to be completed. This agreement must be documented.