Curricular Materials (Textbook Rental)

  • Consumable and student fees (TBR)  will be posted in PowerSchool on the following schedule: 

    PK-4th grade - August 17th; due September 17th

    5th -6th grade- September 15th; due October 30th

    7th -8th grade- September 15th; due October 30th elective classes will be assessed by quarters .Q2 on 10/28/2020 due 11/28/2020, Q3 will be assessed on 1/25/2021 due 2/25/2021, and Q4 will be assessed on 4/14/2021due 5/14/2021

    9-12th grade- First Trimester September 15th/  due October 30th, Second Trimester November 30th/ Due December 30th, Third Trimester March 15th due April 15th


  • Textbook rental (TBR) fees have evolved to include more than just textbook fees. They include, but are not limited to, textbooks, workbooks, classroom novels or other books utilized in the classroom, online textbooks/resources, and supplies like science lab chemicals, and art supplies.The two ways states collect funds for curricular materials are through either (1) property taxes or (2) collecting fees from students. Per Indiana Code (IC 20-26-12) Indiana is one of eight states that does so with student fees.


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  • Textbook rental includes:

  • What is Canvas?

  • What is Naviance?

  • What is Lions Lead?

  • What is panorama?

  • I applied for textbook assistance/and lunches and was approved. Am I responsible for the fees listed in powerschool?

  • How am I billed if I move into the district mid year?

  • If I need to move out of the district mid year what happens to my fees?

  • If a Student adds or drops a class mid year what happens to the fees?

  • How do I pay my fees?

Textbook Rental and Student Fees