Westfield High School October Theme - Kindness

  • Westfield High School is excited to focus on monthly themes that are aligned with our Life Ready skills.  In addition, these themes match CORE content as well as national/global awareness months.  

    October’s theme at WHS was Kindness. During October CORE classes our Senior Mentors led discussions about what kindness looks like in people. Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors also discussed this during their CORE time.  The discussions centered around what behaviors people who are kind generally have.  For example, they stand up for others, respect all people, encourage others’ self-worth, and are warm and likable. Students were encouraged to do a random act of kindness as well.  

    Our staff had the opportunity to nominate colleagues and students who go above and beyond in regards to this attribute.  Fourteen different Shamrocks were nominated! We’d like to recognize them here! Congratulations to you all!


    kindness graphic

     Check back in at the end of November (Gratitude Month) for more news, notes, and nominees.

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