Westfield Washington Schools


Westfield Washington Schools Online Registration is now open for the 2017-2018 school year.

If you are registering for 2016-2017 school year, please go to WWS Administration Office, 1143 East 181st Street.

To begin 2017-2018 NEW student registration, click English or Spanish.
You will need the following documentation for registration:

Original birth certificate (from a country/county of birth health department)
Driver’s License
Current immunization records
Proof of residency (current occupancy with name and address)
  • renting – rental/lease agreement or utility bill (gas, electric, etc.)
  • own/purchasing a home – current tax statement, settlement statement, warranty deed, purchase agreement/builder’s contract (settlement statement must be provided within 30 days of closing)
Name and address of previous school (if applicable)
Guardianship/custody papers (if applicable)
IEP/Individualized Education Plan (if applicable)

Other information to have available when registering:
  • Emergency contact names and numbers
  • Parents’ work/cell numbers