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Medication At School

In order for the school nurse to give your child medication from the clinic at school, you must complete the health history form for the current school year and it must be on file with the school nurse (print out a copy found below).  School stocked medication is only given in limited supply.

If you wish to bring in medication for your child to take in the health clinic please follow the directions below:

  1. Print out and complete the Permission to Give Meds form (see below) and drop it off to the nurse with the medication.
  2. You or an Adult (18yrs or older) can drop off the medication to the nurse, your child is not allowed to transport medication to drop off at the health clinic.
For over the counter medication- it must be in the original package with the dosing information present. The nurse can only give the dose listed on the package label.  If you physician has ordered you to take more then the dose on the package label it would be considered a prescription dose, you will need to have your doctor complete the medication information portion of the Permission to Give Meds form.
For prescription medication- it must be in a prescription bottle with the most current dosing information and the student's name on the label. Have your doctor complete the medication information portion of the Permission to Give Meds form.
All medication(s) dropped off at the health clinic must be picked up at the end of the year.  All medication left will be disposed off after the last day of school.  No medication will be transferred to the next school building or stored in the health clinic over the summer.