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Westfield Community Stadium

Westfield High School (WHS) is launching the Build the Rock, a capital campaign for WHS Athletics with the goal of raising funds to build a community stadium.

“We are excited about the prospect of a community stadium that meets the needs of the school district and provides numerous opportunities for our community,” said Bill Davis, WHS Athletic Director. “Presently there are over 40 events held in the current stadium in the fall and with the new artificial surface, we anticipate hosting over 100 events.”

The Build the Rock campaign offers commemorative naming opportunities for a variety of WHS athletic facilities including the football/track stadium, football playing field, track, press box, entry plaza, scoreboard, locker rooms, concession stands, conference room, hospitality room, scoreboard advertising, individual locker sponsor, plaza entry brick, varsity basketball gym, Multipurpose Instructional Facility, Monon baseball field, and Monon softball field.

At each level, donors will have the personal satisfaction of helping to provide quality programs and facilities for the children of our community.

“This is a fiscally responsible approach to addressing current safety, supervision and capacity concerns without raising the tax rate while being proactive since the current stadium sits on a prime piece of real estate,” said Dr. Mark Keen, Westfield Washington Schools Superintendent.

The most important of the three concerns is safety. Parking and vehicle movement on Shamrock Boulevard creates a dangerous situation for pedestrians. Larger crowds increase the numbers of and movement of pedestrians (many of whom are adolescents) in the fall for football and a combination of track, baseball and softball in the spring.

The current stadium does not offer adequate seating for home or visiting fans which create an issue with supervision. The new stadium will seat 5,000 spectators and will help in the overall supervision of the stadium.

The new stadium will also include team locker rooms. Currently, WHS do not have team locker rooms at the stadium, which forces home and visiting teams to dress in the Westfield Intermediate School cafeteria and gymnasium.

While the community stadium has a price tag of $7.5 million, a majority of the money would come from the sale of ground where the present stadium sits.

“Developers have indicated the 14.1 acres at US 31 and SR 32 may be the most desirable intersection in all of Hamilton County,” Keen said. “Funds for completing the stadium would not come from increasing or maintaining the local tax rate. Funds on hand would take care of the initial work and a combination of fundraising and the sale of ground would complete the work.”

Funds from the sale of acreage must be spent on capital projects. These projects would be done with this money rather than increasing the tax rate. For example, resurfacing a large parking lot or re-roofing a building using the land sale dollars as opposed to raising the tax rate for projects.

“The new field would not just be used for school games, it would be a community field and enhance community development,” said Keen. “In addition to other school events, such as graduation, the field would be available for WYSI; various championship games in conjunction with Grand Park; community concerts; college showcases; national travel team tournaments; and much more.”

For more information on the community stadium or Build the Rock campaign, contact Bill Davis, WHS Athletic Director, at 867-6814 or Andy Tebbe, WHS Assistant Athletic Director, at 867-6816.